Prof. Dr. Vikas Sinha

14th Aug. 1958


Function :
Dean, Professor E.N.T.
M.P.Shah Govt. Medical College
Jamnagar (Gujarat) – 361 008, India.

Dr. Vikas Sinha
Dean, Prof. E.N.T.
M.P.Shah Govt. Medical College,
Pandit Nehru Marg,
Jamngar 361 008
(Gujarat) India.
Mobile:  +91 9879579193,
Fax: (0288)2540036
Tel: Office -(0288)2553515, Residence- (0288)2553676
M.B.B.S. Ranchi University (Jharkhand) 1983 M.S. E.N.T. Do 1987

Lecturer at Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical
Sciences, Sevagram, Wardha (Maharashtra) from 21.08.1989 to 26.05 1994
Reader from 27.05.1994 to 12.10.1994

1.Associate Professor E.N.T.B.J.Medical College, Ahmedabad
15.10.1994 to 07.03.1999
Professo and Head E.N.T.1.B.J. Medical College
Ahmedabad (Gujarat)
2. Govt.Medical College
Rajkot (Gujarat)
3. B.J. Medical College 
Ahmedabad (Gujarat)
4. P.D.U. Medical College,
Rajkot (Gujarat)
5. B.J. Medical College
Ahmedabad (Gujarat)
6. Govt. Medical college
Surat (Gujarat)
7. B.J. Medical College
Ahmedabad (Gujarat)
Dean and Professor E.N.T.M.P.Shah Medical College
Jamnagar (Gujarat) 12.06.2008 

Post Graduate Guide Gujarat University, Ahmedabad, IndiaDissertation completed (List Enclosed)Post Graduate Examiner for M.S. and D.L.O.Gujarat – Ahmedabad, Jamnagar,Baroda, SuratU.P. – Allahabad,VaranasiRajasthan – Ajmer.Maharashtra – Nagpur, Sewagram (Wardha)M.P. – Gwalior, Bhopal, JabalpurUnder Graduate Examiner for M.B.B.S.Gujarat – Ahmedabad, Rajkot. Jamnagar, Anand, Bhavnagar, SurendranagarU.P. – Varanasi, AllahabadM.P. – Bhopal, Gwalior, IndoreMaharashtra – Nagpur, Wardha, Amravati. Yeovatmal
Yeovatmal Mumbai KEM Med. coll.,
J.J. Med. Coll., Thane Med. Coll. Rajasthan – Jaipur, Udaipur, Ajmer, KotaJammu & Kashmir – Srinagar, JammuForeign Examiner – M.S. E.N.T.,Dharan,NepalD.N.B. Examiner – Udaipur 2003, Hyderabad 2004, Ahmedabad 2005

Invited by Patna Medical College, Patna, (Patna University) Bihar to demonstrate live
ear surgery at the Millennium Regional Workshop in August 2000.Invited at M.P. Shah Medical College Jamnagar (Saurashtra University) to demonstrate
Live Ear Surgery mainly Tympanoplasyy and Mastoidectomy.Invited by Bihar & Jharkhand Association of Otolaryngology to demonstrate live surgical
demonstration of Endoscopic D.C.R. (Dacryocysto Rhinostomy) in 2002.Invited by Central Coal Field Limited Ranchi Jharkhand to give training of tympanoplasty
to young E.N. T. surgeon of that organization. In 2002.Invited by Gujarat association of Ophthalmology for their annual conference at Ahmedabad
for panel discussion on ‘Endoscopic D.C.R. 2002.Invited as National Faculty in Microscopic and FESS workshop of Calcutta to demonstrate
Endoscopes DCR and Tympanoplasty in 2003.Invited at Bihar & Jharkhand Association of Otolaryngology and demonstrated fat
Tympanoplasty 2006.Invited by Bihar & Jharkhand Association of Otolaryngology to demonstrate live cadaveric
demonstration of Rhinoplasty in 2008.Invited by deptt of science and technology of M.P. Govt to judge the scientific paper of
medical science in 2009.Performed Live DCR surgery and Rhinoplasty at Kathmandu Medical College , Nepal.RESEARCH AND SCIENTIFIC PUBLICATION AND WORK
1. Publications – more than 100 publications.
2. Conducted Global record survey to evaluate Fexofenadine (ALLEGRA) for the Treatment
     of Allergic Rhinitis.
3. Conducted Clinical Drug trials of drug Moxifloxacillin, Clarithromycin, Desloratadine,
     and Fexofenadine nasal spray.
4. Invited to attend workshop on Clinical Appraisal of current M.B.B.S. Examination at
     JIPMER, Pondichery in April, 1995.
5. Short Term ICMR Fellowship at R.S.T. Cancer Hospital, Nagpur in 1994.
6. Attended Teacher’s raining Course at JIPMER, Pondichery in 1994.
7. Conference Paper Presentation
    •   National Conference – 15
    •   State Conference – 14
    •   Regional Conferences – 15

1. Medical Council of India Inspector to inspect facilities to start Post Graduation at :
     1999 Present.
              (1) R.M. Medical College, Annamalai University, Annamalai (Tamilnadu)
2000 – (2) Al Ameen Medical College, Bijapur (Karnataka)
2002 – (3) Osmania Medical College Hyderabad (Andhra pradesh)
2003 – (4) JSS Medical College Mysore (Karnataka)
             (5) Burdwan Medical College, Burdwan (West Bengal)
             (6) Vivekanand Inst, of Med. science Calcutta (West Bengal)
             (7) Kakatiya Medical College Warangal (A.P.)  
             (8) S.P.Medical College Bikaner (Rajasthan)
             (9) S.V.Medical College Tirupathi (A.P)
2004 – (10) Vivekanand Inst, of Med. science Calcutta (West Bengal)
             (11) D.Y. Patil Medical College Mumbai
2005 – (12)Army Hospital R&R Delhi
             (13) Kakinda Medical College (A.P.)
             (14) B.P.Koirala Institute , Dharan Nepal
             (15) J.L.N.Medical College , Ajmer ( Undergraduate)
2006 – (16) Pravara Medical college, Loni, Ahmednagar
             (17) Mamata Medical College, Khamam ( A.P.)
2007 – (18)J.L.N.Medical College, Sawangi, Wardha(M.S.)
2008 – (19)J.L.N.Medical College, Sawangi, Wardha(M.S.)
             (20)Deccan Medical College, Huderabad (A.P.0
             (21) Gardi Medical College ,Ujjain ( M.P.)
2009 – (22) Penamennai Medical College , Vijaiwada (A.P.)
             (23) N.R.I Medical College, Guntur (A.P.)
             (24) Penamennai Medical College, Vijaiwada (A.P.)
2010 – (25) N.D.M.V.P Samaj’s Medical college, Nashik (M.S.)

2. Association of Otolaryngologists of India (Parent Body)        • Governing Body Member – 1996 1997
        • Editorial Board Member 1997 – 1998

3. Vidharbha Otolaryngology Association, Maharashtra        • Executive Member 1991 – 1992
        • Honorary Joint Secretary 1993 – 1994

4. Ahmedabad association of otolaryngology        • Vise president 2004 – 2005

5. Hon editor of Gujarat Journal of Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery, 
an official publication of association of otolaryngologists of India, Gujarat State branch.

6. Chairman and Cochairman at various National and State Conference of E.N.T.

7. Participated in Panel Discussion in State Conference of E.N.T. on PREVENTION OF DEAFNESS.

8. Lecture on Endoscopic D.C.R. at Gujarat Annual Conference of Ophthalmology at Ahmedabad.

9. Conducted several E.N.T. Diagnostic Camps in far remote and rural places of Uttar Pradesh,
Maharashtra and Gujarat.

10. District Cocoordinator of Ahmedabad for the Disability and Rehabilitation Center New Delhi.

11. Gujarat state nodal officer for prevention of deafness in 2007.

12. Included in Marquis Who’s Who 21st Century Edition.

13. Speaker on Medical Management of Bell’s Palsy on symposium of Facial Nerve in R.N. Mishra
Otology Plenary Session at National Conference of A.O.I. Patna 2003.

14. Consultant Award paper at National Conference of A.O.I. Patna 2003 and Kolkata 2004.

15. Participated in the panel discussion for the post graduate training programme at National
Conference of AOI at Hyderabad 2005, Lucknow 2006 and moderator in 2007 Bhubaneshwar,
2008 Jaipur 2009.

16. Invited to presented paper on “The art of learning Rhinoplasty by cadaver
dissection”, “Osteotomy in Rhinoplasty”at 1st Asian Rhinoplasty Symposium at Seoul,
Korea 2009


Worked at one the largest medical College Of India at Ahmedabad and Jamnagar (Gujarat)
involves a great deal of challenge. Routinely perform

a. Throat-Tonsillectomy, Styloid surgery, Glossopharyngeal neurectomy.
b. Ear- Tympanoplasty, Mastoid surgery.
c. Larynx- Micro laryngeal surgery.
d. Scopy- Bronchoscopy, oesophagoscopy, Laryngoscopy.
e. Neck-, Thyroid surgery, Throglossal duct cyst and sinus, Tracheaostomy, Branchial cyst and
    sinus surgery, Rotation flap of Head and Neck basal cell carcinoma.
f. Nose-FESS, Angiofibroma surgery, Fracture nasal nose reduction, Endoscopic DCR ,
   Septoplasty, Septorhinoplasty

POST GRADUATE TRAINING PROGRAMMEI have adopted the system of postgraduate training, which is helping them in a big way.
Postgraduates of the department are being given systematic training so that when they pass out
M.S. and leave the department they are confident of all type of E.N.T. surgeries. The schedule
of their surgery training includes.

Surgery Training

Ist year of residency
Tonsil, Septum and minor surgeries like Lymph node excission, cyst removal, CLW traumatic

2nd year of residency – endoscopic D.C.R, Fracture nasal bone
 i. 2-months rotation to the cancer hospital where they learn oesophagoscopy. Bronchoscopy,
    R.N.D. and other oncological surgeries.
ii. 1 month rotation to audiology and Speech therapy.
iii. 1 month rotation to the casualty.

3rd year residency
They carry out 10 temporal dissections and then they are given cortical mastoidectomy, and at the
end of 3rd year another 5 temporal bone dissections, they are given modified radical
mastoidectomy, all under supervision of senior staff members. If any time any facial nerve palsy
occurs, one has to carry out another 2 temporal bone dissections before they are given any further
mastoid surgery. This principal is applicable to the consultant also Nasal polyps myringoplasty at
the beginning of 3rd year and at the end of 3rd year Typanoplasties, Thyroid and thyroglossal duct
surgeries, FESS Micro scopic laryngeal surgeries.

4th year of residency
Surgeries like Stapedectomy, Rhinoplasty, they are the 1st assistants Their progress of
surgery is closely monitored in the logbook.

Academic Work
All the postgraduates are encouraged to present scientific paper.

Post graduate Teaching
includes Seminars, Case presentation. Ward teaching & Journal club etc.

Scientific paper publication
They are encouraged to send paper for the publication and every resident has at least 2 to 3 indexed
publications by the time they complete 4th year of residency.

Editor of National & International journal of E.N.T.
Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery (, Joint editor from India of
world article ENT (

TRAINING MODULE FOR BRONCHSCOPYArtificial model has been developed & prepared by me on which not only residents but assistant
prof. of the department also practice for the removal of foreign body bronchus.This module fetched
Dr. Vikas Sinha , senior consultant award paper at the state conference.

WRITTEN A BOOK of ENT “Vikas Sinha Practical E.N.T.” ( Fellowship(1) 3 months fellowship in E.N.T. (Rhinoplasty) at Asan Medical Center, Seoul , South Korea,2006.
(2) 6 weeks fellowship in Rhinoplasty at Marien Hospital Stuttgart, Germany, 2007.

Workshop of SeptorhinoplastyConduct every year Septorhinoplasty workshop at our medical college Jamnagar where I
demonstrate closed and open technique of Rhinoplaty,.and hands on cadaver dissection. I am also
invited as National faculty at Dr. Sood Nasal Research foundation for the Septorhinoplasty
workshop for last 5 years.


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 E.N.T. Thesis & Dissertation Completed S.No. YEAR & University
1. March 1998 (Gujarat University, Ahmedabad)Study of Etiopathogenesis Of Otitis
    Media In ChildrenDr. Kalpesh Parikh
2. March 1999 (G.U.)RhinomanometryDr. Rajesh Ahuja3. March 1999 (G.U.)Caloric TestDr. Paresh J. Khavdu4. September 1999 (G.U.)Comparison Of Radiological And
    Clinical Findings In cases Of DysphagiaDr. Shalina Ray
5. March 2000 (G.U.)Congenital Anomalies in E.N.T.Dr. Sonia Shrivastava
6. November 2000 (G.U.)Incidence Of Uncoplained Secretory
   Otitis Media In Routine
    AdenoTonsillectomy PatientsDr. Bhavin Patel
7. November 2000(G.U.)Study Of Proptosis as E.N.T.
    ManifestationDr. Deepak Bhardwaj8. June 2001(G.U.)Study Of SeptoRhinplastyDr. R. Prashant
9. November 2001(G.U.)Study Of Thyroid NoduleDr. Aziz Dhilawala
10. November 2001(G.U.)Comparison Of Rigid Dilatation
    Against Balloon Dilatation In
   OesophagoscopyDr. Ajay George
11. November 2002 (G.U.)Study Of Anomalies Of ThyroGlossal
    TractDr. Narendra Hirani12. November 2003 (G.U.)Study Of Bronchoscopy In ChildrenDr. Rizwan Memon13. November 2003 (G.U.)Speech Disorder And Speech Therapy
    In E.N.T. practiceDr. Anil Jain
14. March 2005 (G.U.)Clinical Study of  TracheostomyDr. Ankush Arya
15. Novem .2006 (G.U.)Correlation of site and size of
    perforation to the deafnessDr. Sidhartha16. March 2008(G.U.)Observation on septorhinoplastyDr. Yogesh More
17. 2009 (Saurashtra Univirsity Rajkot)Audiometric assessment in hearing
   lossDr. Keyur Mehta18. 2010 ( S.U.)Hearing assessment of children by
    O.A.E.Dr. Parin Patel 
Dr. Vikas Sinha
Dr. Vikas Sinha, who is working as Dean and Professor E.N.T., has made his name in the field of Rhinoplasty. He was awarded three months fellowship of Rhinoplasty in 2006 under famous Rhinoplasty surgeon Prof. Yong Ju Jang of Seoul Korea at Asan Medical Centre. He also had six weeks fellowship under world renowned facial and plastic surgeon Professor Wolfgang Gubisch at Marien Hospital Stuttgart Germany in 2007. He has been invited at national and international conferences to deliver lecture on Rhinoplasty and was only Indian to be invited to deliver lecture on Rhinoplasty at first Asian Rhinoplasty Symposium at Seoul Korea in 2009. He is one of the founding members of Asian Rhinoplasty Society. He conducts Rhinoplasty workshop with cadaver dissection every year at his working place of posting where international delegates and national delegates from across India learn basics and advance surgery of Rhinoplasty. He has also demonstrated live Rhinoplasty surgery abroad at medical college, Kathmandu, Nepal.

        He has written a book of E.N.T. titled “Vikas Sinha Practical E.N.T.” which is well appreciated at India and at many places of world. He was given “Certificate of Honor” by the Association of Otolaryngologists of India and Gujarat state branch of Otolaryngologists of India for writing the book “Practical E.N.T.” This book is rated top in Google search for “Practical E.N.T.” book.

        In 2008 June he became Dean of M.P.Shah Medical College (one of the biggest medical college of India) Jamnagar, Gujarat, India. He was youngest dean in India. He has more than 100 international and national indexed publications to his credit. He is also the editor of national journal of E.N.T. “Otorhinolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery”. He is also Indian editorial board member of international journal of E.N.T.published from U.S. titled “World Article E.N.T.” ( He was conferred with “Fellow of Otolaryngology” by Indian Academy of Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery. He has been listed in 6th edition of Marquis Who’s Who of U.S. in Science and Engineering in 2002-2003.

       He is the honorary E.N.T. surgeon of Governor of Gujarat state, India.

      He was conferred with “Jewel of India” award in 2009 for his outstanding achievement.