We deliver next day Capilia TB Neo from Belgium.

Capilia TB Neo (100T)                                  EUR 283/box (FCA Brussels Zaventem airport, advance payment)

Capilia TB Neo (10T)                                    EUR 37/box (FCA Brussels Zaventem Airport, advance payment)

              Capilia TB Neo Extraction Buffer (20mL)    EUR 35/bottle (FCA Brussels, advanced payment)

Why TB Neo Capilia uses Extraction buffer for Tuberculosis detection?

The Extraction Buffer is necessary in case of culture using solid media, not necessary in case of liquid culture media.

The Tuberculosis detection Instrument will be released at Arab Health in January 2020.

Culture free Tubercilosis detection, ultra fast.

At Medica in Dusseldorf the new instrument for automatic Tuberculosis screening available in 2020 was presented to the Research Community.

The Capilia detection system has 2 steps:

  1. sputum extraction
  2. Tuberculosis measurement.

Ready to use CE approved IVD13485 fast detection and extraction System. No culture is needed anymore.

This was the fastest and most accurate Tuberculosis detection solution available in 2020.

Rapid test for identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis  complex
    Detecting MPB 64 protein, specifically produced by M.tuberculosis   complex
■ Extremely high specificity to M.tuberculosis  complex
    Accuracy equivalent to the nucleic-acid probe assay
■ Both liquid mediums and solid mediums can be used as samples
    For solid mediums, a Capilia TB-Neo extraction buffer (sold separately) is
■ Fast test results with one step operation
    Reading time is 15 min. No special equipment required

Product Summary

■ REF  CATB0870 (100Tests)
    Kit content : Test Plate×100
■ REF  CATB0871 (10Tests)
    Kit content : Test Plate×10
■ Validity27 months
■ Storagestore at 2-30℃
■ Detection time15 minutes

Tauns Laboratories

Store at 2−30℃ without opening the aluminum pouches containing the test plates

Expiry Date: 12 months

What Contains the Capilia Tuberculosis kit?

The Packaging Unit contains 80 tests Extraction buffer 20mL

Spoligotyping Genprice can be used to test without culture the antibiotic resistance strains.